Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cake with unsalted butter

It was pointed out to me couple of months back that it is always recommended to use unsalted butter for cake. I had been thinking of baking a cake the "proper" way for a long time now. Finally got around to doing it today. The only variations from the original recipe being the use of unsalted butter and the addition of chopped figs to the cake.

Well, here is what the end product looks like ..

DSC00072 DSC00074

I don't know if you can make out from the picture, but the middle of my cake is actually lower than the edges !! Don't know why this happened, maybe my baking powder is getting old. Maybe the eggs were not good. At the time of mixing, I did notice that one of my egg yolks was a very dark yellow.

Inside was just a touch undercooked. I did 220 deg C for around 30 minutes. As you can see the top is very brown. Maybe I should do 200 deg C for say 40 minutes next time.Have to say the unsalted butter has not impacted the taste much. I don't know what happened to the fig, can't taste it in the final cake !!

Raining here in Bangalore. Temperatures have taken a sharp dip down, asthma is taking a sharp rise upwards !! But this time I am right on top if it with my Inhalers, hot soups and steaming coffees. We shall see who wins this time around !!

Due to some strange coincidence almost all my friends are in the U.S now, whoever is remaining also would be there by the coming weekend.

Off to cook dinner now !!

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