Monday, July 21, 2008

Short and sweet trip

Had a nice short and enjoyable trip home over the weekend. Only problem with a short trip is you never really recover from the tiredness of bus travel.

Kerala is a complete mess now. Swami Vivekananda once referred to Kerala as a mental asylum , I believe he was being very mild indeed. Hartals happen at the drop of a hat(remember, bandh is banned by High court, so why not just re-name it ?). I bet no woman can step outside safely after 6.30 p.m or so.  Minor insignificant issues being totally blown out of proportion. A toothless media which hardly does anything other than just plainly report events that occurred. A population which is completely dejected and has very little hope of a better future. And I am not taking sides with any party here, all are uniformly bad. I had once harbored hopes of going back to Kerala sometime in future and settling there, now I think that might remain just a wish :-((

My little one was really happy to see me. We played lots, read stories and cuddled up together. Apparently she has been told in school to sing songs loudly. Boy, doesn't she follow those instructions well !! When she starts to sing, volume is so absurdly high that you have to cover your ears just to retain some sanity. I heard her sing in Sunday school class, she could be heard right outside the church. And I am talking of a really big church here !! :-)

She had a day off in school today. Education Bandh in Kerala. This state will never ever improve.

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