Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tyler Hamilton

One of my earlier posts was on Jan Ullrich and how he fascinated me. There is one more cyclist mentioned in the same book Lance Armstrong : Tour de Force, Tyler Hamilton.

If Ullrich piqued my curiosity by his apparent utter laziness, Hamilton intrigues me by his sheer unluckiness and threshold for pain.

If you a broken shoulder blade, what would you do ? Probably won't even get out of bed, right ?

Not Tyler Hamilton. He continues on racing to complete one of the most grueling cycling races in history, 2003 Tour De France. Legend is that by the end of the race, he had ground his teeth right down to the nerve ends. And in case some of you are thinking ' ah, he must have been filled to brim with painkillers', the ant-doping regulations prevented him from taking any painkillers during the course of the 3 week race. That is some serious threshold for pain !! 

What motivates these guys to endure so much of pain ? Is it genetic ? Would you or me be able to do this ?

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