Monday, February 4, 2008

Back from home

You know what the most hearbreaking thing in life is ? When your three year old daughter clings on to you and says "Don't go daddy, I also want to come with you", "Why are you going back to Bangalore ?" , "Why don't you work here, I like it so much when you are around" . I don't have an answer for any of her questions. Makes me wonder as always if whatever I am doing is worth all this pain ....

I invariably cry on my way back. That's when I realize it is sometimes better to release all these emotions than keep them bottled up like I often do. Hmm.. Maybe there is a lesson there..

I landed back in office today morning. It is like there is an Akshaya patra of visitors in our office this week. I am either presenting to some one or listening to some presentation. When will I work ??????

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