Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another disaster

For some time the urge to innovate has been again been active inside me. This time I though a simple cake would be a good thing to try out in the kitchen.

Recipes ? They are for wimps. Real men trust their intuition !! :). So started my intuition based cooking experiment.

Ingredients : 2 cup maida, 3/4 cup powdered sugar, 4 egg whites, vanilla essence and cashew nuts. They were all appropriately mixed and poured to the cake tin. Baked in microwave convection mode at 250 deg C for close to 30-40 minutes. Actually I had employed an Arizona based cooking consultant to find out the cooking time, so the consultant also shares the moral blame for what happened :-))

To cut the story short, what came out of the oven was one of the best looking cakes I had ever seen. Beautifully browned top, the cake had risen nicely. Almost perfect.

Alas, looks don't make a cake, do they ? The cake was too dense, not at all soft. In fact distinctly rubbery in feel . Also has a real weird taste, or should I say no taste at all ? I wonder what went wrong .

Another failure, the resolve to succeed becomes stronger ...

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Anonymous said...

Hello... fault in texture due to mixing eror :) didn't i tell you that you should not beat it too much after adding maida?? and where is the butter in the recipe? and why do you have so many eggs? you should also make sure that all ingredients are about the same tempertaure before you mix..

looks of cake depends on cooking temp and time; as always flawless. :)