Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Losing my perspective?

Very often I feel we tend to lose our perspective on life.

Just a couple of months back I was in a sulky mood with the usual grumblings : salary not high enough, traffic is bad , too much work and too little time, Bangalore is so expensive and so on .

Incidentally I had to go that weekend to Each One Teach One center ( EOTO ) to conduct some student interviews. EOTO is an NGO that provides free computer literacy to college students.
Volunteers from our company take classes there on weekends. We do the interview ( or rather screening of students) just to make sure only the deserving students get through.

I reached the center around 10 am , there were already close to 25 students waiting. We started the interview process soon. Boy, wasn't I taken to a different world altogether .

I sat there absolutely shattered as student after student came in front of me and told me about their struggles. Several of them with single parents, almost all their parents did not have steady incomes. In some cases these 18-19 year old kids were also working part time to support their parents.

I had to discreetly brush away a tear or two as I sat there and listened to all these gut wrenching stories. For these kids, this was really their last chance to re-build their lives and do something with this.

And I was thinking I had problems !!

Does give you a different perspective of your own self imagined problems, doesn't it ?

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