Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ever feel like this

Ever felt in life that you are being taken for granted ?

I am passing through a phase in life and friendships when I am increasingly getting this feeling. "No matter what happens he will be there " ," I can always put more work on him, he won't complain" , "I can always be late for appointment, never reply to messages, never call him and still things would be fine" .

It could be I am just stressed out. But I strongly feel I am being treated like dirt by some folks.

Maybe I am just imagining things . This feeling is not great , that much I can tell you .


Anonymous said...

Yes, it definitely is a very bad feeling. The best solution is to take a back seat for sometime.
Probably its also time to also figure out, why are people taking you for granted. I think you will find the answer.

Pradeep V said...

Your point is good. I have never really thought too much about it I guess. May be my friends don't value my friendship as much as I value theirs, I guess. May be I expect too much .