Friday, December 14, 2007

Is a good academic record over-rated ?

Right from a young age all I have heard ( as has any other kid) from all teachers is that unless you score very good marks , you will not make it good in life . Of course I believed sincerely till I passed out of college. Now I am not so sure.

For me academics is over-rated. Some of my friends who know me and my background would probably raise an eyebrow at that :). From whatever I have seen, people who do exceptionally well in life are the ones who can interact with people well and are mentally tough. I am not trying to imply that top rankers turn out to be losers. Just that more often than not you will find that they are not the most succesful ones in their careers.

Could be due to a variety of reasons. Maybe they are too narrowly focussed . They have rarely come face to face with failure or never been down in the dumps like the average run of the mill student.

When I passed out of School, Father Edakkara ( who was one of my fav. teachers) made this comment to our outgoing batch of students "It is nice to have a 100 rupee note in your pocket , but to stop by the road-side and drink a cup of tea or to take a bus home you will need one and two rupee coins. The relationships that you build, the way you treat others , all these are the loose change you will need later in your life"

Sound advice, I must say.

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