Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deflated cakes and ego

Nothing deflates a master chef’s ego than a deflated cake :((

I was attempting another version of my marble cake when the typical Bangalore power failure happened. I tried to outguess the state electricity board by shifting my cooking time earlier, however the novice was deftly outmaneuvered by veterans in the state electricity board who effortlessly pre-poned the power cut to leave my cake in tatters

The center of the cake which was nicely rising up completely collapsed. Even the BSE SENSEX collapse in 2008 paled in comparison to the mammoth crater in the middle of the cake

But why should I suffer alone in this ???? Always better to spread the misery around :) So I took the cake to office today and was surprisingly well appreciated by my colleagues.

I guess the true talent of the cook lies in recovering a seemingly hopeless situation.

If talent came in cups, then “My cup runneth over”. Maybe I should try cup-cakes now :))

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