Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guide to living alone

Guides and manuals for living seem to be the “in” things on internet. So why not put together a Guide to living alone based on my experiences ?? So here it goes, valid only if you are married and staying away from your family

  • Accept the fact that you have no life, peace follows thereafter :-))
  • Stay in office as late as possible, immerse yourselves in work
  • If you cannot do that, develop an alternate hobby. And no, TV does not work. Reading is ok, cooking is good, exercise is even better
  • If you are stressed at work, that is the time you suffer the most as there is no real way to unwind when you come in to an empty dark home with no one to talk to. Vital to have some diversion like above in that case. Turn to blogging like I did :)
  • Try to find interesting stuff to do on weekends. A bit of shopping, some volunteering, visiting a few friends, driving at breakneck speed etc…. If none of the above interest you the sleep all day like I often do :-) Though I can warn you that you will wake up towards the evening miserable and depressed
  • Avoid any functions or events in which everyone else comes with their families, especially ones with kids. I have suffered silently on many such events. It just throws up a whole lot of emotions that you can rarely control. I often hide behind ill health to excuse myself from these events ;)
  • Great to have couple of friends with which whom you can chat freely when you feel down and depressed. This alone has helped me the most. Make sure you don’t pile on your misery on them and get them depressed !! ;) And be sensitive, you are the one without a life, not them. So don’t impose yourselves on anyone
  • Take good care of your health. Remember that if you fall sick, there is really no one to take care of you !!
  • Use technology, connect with your family over Video chat. Nothing like seeing your family to burn the tension away
  • Though hope is most deceptive of all emotions, continue to hope & dream. Things are rarely as bad as they seem.

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