Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marble cake

So after perfecting the regular cake, I thought I should innovate a bit. One of the advantages of being a live-alone cook is that I can pretty much claim whatever I want about my cooking without you ever knowing about the truth :-) I can even claim I am the best cook you will ever meet , which should really tell you a lot about your own cooking ;)

I love the marble cake, so I thought that should be a logical extension to my lab experiment sequence. Since I was almost out of ingredients, did a quick round of shopping to get fresh eggs, maida, vanilla essence , butter and baking powder. Also brought Cocoa powder for the marble part of the cake.

After a cursory scan at some recipes ( remember, I am the expert now, recipes are for beginners !! ), I arrived at the conclusion that there is nothing to this. All you do is follow the exact same procedure as making a regular cake. Right at the end split the batter into two. Into one batter add some cocoa powder and mix well. Now mix this part with the other half of batter, but very lightly.

Everything went smoothly till I reached the very last step of mixing the cocoa batter and regular batter. One twirl of my spoon and the entire batter assumed the color of the cocoa one :( I was somehow expecting the two of them to stand a bit more apart so that I could get the marble like effect after baking. Complete desertion at this crucial juncture by my consultant did not help one bit either !!

Anyway there was nothing I could do at that point, so I went ahead and baked it. Instead of marble cake, it became chocolate cake , was still yummy though. Again was devoured at great speed by my colleagues at office :)

The greatness of a cook is decided by the taste of his dishes. Yet another step towards greatness by the master chef !!

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