Monday, February 2, 2009

Reading update

Q : What does reading a bad book teach you ?
A : To be more careful with your money in future

I just finished reading two below average books.

First one is a true story named How Starbucks saved my life. Written in such a mediocre fashion that I felt even I should have a go at writing a book: “How not reading such books saves you pain” is what I will name it. Story of a guy who loses his high flying job and ends up working at Starbucks. I found it to be completely lacking in any sort of momentum. The attempts of author to do flashbacks into his past based on some situations he encounters in his new life is weak and sometimes even laughable. The only good part of the book is that I got a 25% discount on it !!

The second one cost me more money and left an even more bitter taste in the mouth . Stranger in Paradise by Robert B Parker. Quite likely that most of Mr. Parker’s books will remain strangers to me, and paradise does look a distant dream when you read the above book.

“Jesse nodded” seems to be an overwhelming favorite line of the author. In fact the author has some obsession about getting all his characters to keep nodding. I was also nodding off towards the end !! Entire book is filled with conversation between people, none longer than 2 lines. Felt as if I was reading the script of a stage show. There was no suspense, no thrill and very little mystery.

I am hoping one of my all time favorites John Grisham will recover some of his long lost writing flair with the recently released The Associate. Just started on it, looks decent so far.

I am pretty sure I will enjoy Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus, which is next in line after I am done with Grisham.

My co-passenger duty causes me to get up early around 6 am, so I am unable to read too late into the night :(

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