Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eyes wide open

And there goes my sleep again……………………………….

Slept like a baby while I was at home. Came back to Bangalore and presto my sleep vanishes.

On Monday I skipped dinner and I was up till 3 am in morning, I put that down to lack of food. On Tuesday I made and ate dinner, still no change. 3 am it is. And even when I do fall asleep, it is very interrupted.

I have no tensions at work, none at home and no major health problems. So it is puzzling why my great friend sleep has deserted me so mercilessly.

So I am pretty much irritable and not in great mood throughout the day. Nor can I focus for too long anything at hand.

Had to nip my emerging beard during my trip home. Asked my little one how I looked with the beard, she told me I look like a Karadi ( Bear ) :(( Had little option other than to return to my usual clean shaven self.

She has also clearly told me what she needs from me during my next trip home : A slipper with a tall glass heel !!!! The way she described to me , it sounded suspiciously like a stiletto heel.

Girls of this generation, I tell you …… I have to keep her away from both of my vertically challenged cooking consultants now :)

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