Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chicken curry

Though the weekend was spent mostly on my fight with asthma and chest congestion, I did manage to get out of slumber and make chicken curry !!

Recipe of course was provided by my off shore consultant. Since I did not have many of the ingredients, I had to resort to a bit of improvisation. [ Typically I have very little stock of any green stuff like coriander leaves, mint leaves etc. ]  Also since the original recipe was for Biriyani, I had to use a bit of imagination :-))

Turned out well, had it twice already. Once with chapathi and once with rice. By the way, i bought rice again this weekend after what must have been nearly 1.5 years. That time I had bought 1 kg, this time I bought 5 kgs, so I am set for the next 7.5 years . I really don’t see what the fuss is about the rising food grain prices :-)

Chest is really bad today, I hear full polyphonic sounds. Sleeping will be a challenge tonight :(( Need to get some shuteye though, I have to be up for my co-passenger duty tomorrow morning again.

While we are on the topic, as I mentioned earlier it is really hard to think of a more thankless job. You get up early in the morning [really challenging for me], you risk your life [not kidding], give up your freedom of work timings [on occasions waiting outside hungrily as the co-passenger thulps down dinner in fancy restaurants] and then get criticized & commented on every day for arriving ON time. That's right, not late, ON time !!!!

And yet the humble driver continues to report for work . Because only he knows the ultimate truth :That is why he is a driver, because he has been through all this and yet has never lost hope of being better than he is [ from The manual of the humble driver ] :-))

Hope you have a healthy week, mine is pretty much shot to pieces right now :(

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