Monday, January 5, 2009

Speed illusions .

6 am in the morning, empty stretch of Mysore road stretching out in front of me as if in invitation of a challenge.

Brake check - ok. Ignition - fired up. Seat belts - locked in. Air bags - None . ABS - none. Floor the pedal, and off I go !!

As the numbers shoot up in the speedometer, sense of thrill also shoots up. 60-80-110-125 .... Man, I am the next best thing to Schumacher. Ha ha ha ha .....

What is the black speck in my rear view mirror ?
Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ?
No, wait ..................

It is a BMW blasting past me as if I am standing still. Before I blink it has gone off into distant horizon ..

The Schumacher bubble bursts well and truly . Good old Pradeep settles back into his seat for a respectable 100 kmph drive

I hate BMWs !!

1 comment:

Ajit said...

Be careful boss. Remember your car is essentially a metal box around a ~50HP engine.