Friday, January 9, 2009

Ulcers !!

I have been harassed over the past couple of days with mouth ulcers. Actually not strictly mouth, I have some harsh variant which happens to be near my throat area. Each time I swallow, feels as if someone is hammering nails into my throat. Otherwise I am fine, meaning I still have my normal ( maybe slightly more than normal ) appetite.

But how do I eat now ? All depends on what I want more badly : avoiding pain or eating food. Right now avoiding pain wins hand down. Which also means I am in this permanently irritable mode due to reduced food intake :(

Apparently there is no real treatment apart from taking Vitamin B-complex and hoping for the best. There are several old-wisdom based suggestions "Gargle with hot water", "Use hot water with salt", "Apply salt near the ulcer" and so on. My theory is that most of these are purely for the amusement of the bystander who is laughing at your predicament !! }:-{

In case you are wondering why my co-passenger driving experience blogs are not yet up, it is for the simple reason that I am not getting any experiences !! The driver is out of action with an ankle sprain, chances of recovery for next week also looks bleak :(

Reading has started on the right note. Finished Outliers: The story of success by Malcolm Gladwell. An interesting analysis on why some people are more successful than others, , tying success to lots of social and external factors that are not so apparent. I enjoyed it. Blink was good, Tipping point was poor, this one is very good again.

Baked another version of my cake, this time with raisins added and minor adjustments to my baking temperature and cooking time. Turned out excellent, was very well appreciated by my colleagues. Entire cake vanished in less than 5 minutes :-). Planning to try a marble cake this weekend.

In the meanwhile my struggle with the persistent ulcer continues.

Ulcer , ulcer go away,
Don't come on another day,
Big Pradeep wants to eat,
Ulcer, Ulcer go away

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