Friday, March 5, 2010

More reflections on volunteering

The more I volunteer, the more disturbed I become.

I am disturbed at how poor our education system has become

I am disturbed at the ever increasing gulf between haves and have-nots. I don’t see how every they are going to come close :-((

I am disturbed that not enough is being done. There are so many of us who can help, yet so few are willing to

I am disturbed when I witness cases of poverty, where people are struggling to make ends meet or afford decent education for their kids. How can this happen in any society ?

I am disappointed at the indifference shown by some of my fellow volunteers. They skip classes, they arrive for classes late, they volunteer for teaching maybe once a quarter. I see lot of talkers, I don’t see a whole lot of doers.

I am however thankful to Lions Club Whitefield for their wonderful support to the computer education initiative

I still continue to miss my good old EOTO days though. Maybe the good days are just around the corner here too ….

I think the problem may be that far too many people think about this as a hobby that they do whenever they get some time.  I think that for you to be effective, you have to treat is as seriously as a full time job.

Well , who listens to me anyway? Maybe I am just a Dinosaur waiting for extinction ….

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