Monday, September 22, 2008

Updates from the lab

Orkut baba says "He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals." 

I say "He that falls in love with his own cooking shall never go hungry" :-)

Vada pav experiment turned out with satisfactory results. I followed the recipe given here . I made the vada a touch too big, I think. Also it had bit of a strong taste. I suspect too much coriander or garlic could have been the culprit. You are supposed to eat it with some chutney. Being a keralite, I of course opted for a coconut chutney with onions.

Was lying around this weekend when this sudden urge to cook chicken hit me. Chicken tikka is what I zeroed in on. I always prefer bone-less chicken, much easier to handle for novices like me. I followed the recipe given at the back of the tandoori chicken masala. Not too much of a recipe, though. Marinate chicken in lime juice and salt for half hour. Then marinate it in a mixture of curd, tandoori chicken masala, ginger and garlic for a further 2 more hours. I remember some one telling me that it is best to leave the marinated chicken in the fridge , so that is exactly what I did. This was followed by cooking in in my microwave in grill mode for close to half hour, need to turn the pieces around couple of times.

Turned out pretty ok, very different from the hotel version of tikka, but very much edible :-)

Plan to cook paneer soon, been pressing my on-shore consultant for a recipe, have not got it in full yet. Should be able to extract it in full in like 4-5 attempts, I know the drill by now :-)

They say "A fool and his money are easily parted", I say "A female and her recipes are not so easily parted" ;-))

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