Monday, September 15, 2008

Deja Vu

I was watching the shocking visuals from the Delhi blasts yesterday. I just could not help feeling an overwhelming feeling of bitter frustration as everyone went through their motions once more. The politicians expressing shock and sympathy, the news channels with their share of opinion polls and panel discussions, the mandatory cat fight between BJP and Congress. We have seen the same thing after the Mumbai and Ahmedabad blasts. Sadly, we shall see it again.

Picture this :  Some folks come in , murder 20 or so of our own citizens, taunt all of us with an e-mail which says "do what you can, but we will still kill you", and as a country we are not even outraged by it. Why can't someone from the government say something like "As a country we will not take this anymore. Wherever you are, we will hunt you down and we will eliminate you" ? In 2 weeks, no one will remember this, then they will strike again. In a different city, different head count and then the carnival shall start again.

Our own citizens being slaughtered in our own country, what do we care ? Life of an Indian is not worth much, is it ? Life goes on.

Does the word Indian mean anything any longer ? May be I am one of the very few idiots who still think it does

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