Saturday, September 27, 2008

Project Paneer

As a part of my new initiative to expand my cooking horizons, I had lined up Paneer butter masala as my next item. As always, my off-shore consultant was kind enough to send me a very detailed recipe on how to make it. I followed the instructions faithfully and here is what I got !!

DSC00080 DSC00081

Looks nice, doesn't it ? Tasted awesome too !! :-). First time I can really claim that after making something. I will shamelessly re-produce the recipe here soon , continuing my history blatant plagiarism :-)

Cooking has been a good diversion for me today. Been struggling with the news of Dad developing some illness. He is scheduled for a surgery on Monday, hope and pray things will be alright. Initial indications are that it is something minor, hope that turns out to be true

No matter how much we grow up, we never handle the news of a parent not being well, can we ?


On shore but presently Off Shore consultant said...

Sorry to say, but the pic of the paneer doesn't look that good :-(.
I will keep on commenting like this till I get the royalty for the recipes :-))

Soon I will send you the pic of the other version that I make, and you will see the difference.

Pradeep V said...

That is just because my camera resolution is very poor. Also due to your professional jealousy that finally I can make something as good as you :-)

Ajit said...

I agree with the consultant. It looks like something .... Definitely does not look like food.

Next time remember the food color so that it looks a little bit appetizing/edible

Pradeep V said...

Photos can never capture the brilliance of my cooking :-). I have got feedback though that the cashew paste would have made it much lighter in color ..