Thursday, January 10, 2008

Return of the master chef

After my interesting experiment with chapathis ( read this ) , the urge to do something new returned. I suppose these urges are an occupational hazard of being a researcher.

Also a good researcher learns from his mistakes. So I decided that frying or re-heating frozen stuff would be something that is ideally suited for my skill level. As it turned out, I over-estimated my skill level :(

Would you say frying frozen chicken cutlets is a tough job ? Especially if the frozen cutlets come with detailed instructions on how this apparently simple operation needs to be done.

See the list of events that follow
-Master chef heats the frying pan filled with oil.
-No time limit for pre-heating oil is specified in instructions, so the chef assumes 5 minutes is a good enough time. Bad mistake as it later turns out.
-After 5 minutes a few frozen cutlets are tossed into the pan
-KABOOMMMM ..A fireball rises from the pan and almost hits the ceiling of my kitchen. Nearly burns my eyebrows off.
-The cutlets are on fire inside the pan !! Panic sets in , somehow gathered my nerves back and switched of the gas
-Wait for 10 more minutes till the smouldering pan can be approached. Sadly dump contents to the waste bin.

Another sad end to a promising experiment. Well , another day in the life of a researcher.


Chimitt said...

There goes all tall claims out of window:)

1. You wait till the oil is just smoking
2. You slide them in; you don't throw them.
3. god forbid- it catches fire; you bury all evidence and never talk about it

Pradeep V said...

All minor setbacks. I am telling you, I will be on TV cooking shows a year from now.