Wednesday, January 16, 2008

w300i display problem

I have become very reliant on gadgets, especially my mobile phone.  I have a Sony Erw300iicsson W300i Walkman phone. The display of the phone recently started to blank out for long periods of time.

The phone remained fully functional apart from the display. I could receive calls, I would have no idea of who is calling as the display is blank. It is not that easy to pick-up who the caller is just by listening to the voice . At least for the first 10 seconds I used to struggle to recognize who is calling!!

Even more frustrating was the fact that I could hear the new message received tone, but when I flip open the phone the same blank screen would stare back at me. Also just to add to the irritation factor , once in a while the display would come on. As per Murphy's law, the display would never turn on when I really need it to !!

Finally it is repaired and back to normal now . The ribbon cable between the display the phone was the culprit .

Back to full mobility now


Rogue said...

Hi Pradeep,

I recently damaged my w300i and it cannot be fixed. However, i could still receive calls and smses (like yours, and it's definitely frustrating). What's more frustrating now is that all my contact numbers are saved in the phone itself and not on my sim card.

If you would kindly instruct me step-to-step, the buttons to press right from the wallpaper screen up to the option to copy contacts to SIM card, it would be great! I lost about 400 contacts and it's socially damaging :(.

Pradeep V said...

Tough luck. I can understand your frustration, I had struggled for 4 weeks before I got if fixed.

Here is the step by step key press

Menu ( top right button)
Down click
Middle click
2 x Up clicks
Middle click
Up click
Middle click
7 x Down clicks
3 x Middle clicks

Hope your sim can hold all the contacts, mine can hold only about 200.

juan said...

hi i just ran to this by looking around , i seem to have the same problem , i just love the w300i.
im trying to replace the flex on mine , but im wondering how worth it (life expectancy) this would be for my phone , it seems i can get a refurbished one for around 70$
thanks for your attention,


Pradeep V said...

Hello Juan,

The cable replacement and service charge cost me 500 INR, roughly 10$ and the phone has been working perfectly after that till date !!


Even said...

Can someone tell me step by step how to send sms's i recieveed from other people on my w300i phone without display to an other number so i can read them. Please a step by step explanation if possible. thank you on the forehand.

Saumya said...

Hey Pradeep,
I am facing exaclty the same problem as yours...Could u just temme where I can get it repaired?
Whats the cost??
Plz reply asap...

Pradeep V said...


I am guessing you are in Bangalore. I got mine repaired from Sony Ericson service center, it was located on the first floor of Venus tele-links, Marthahalli. It cost me I thik 300 Rs for the cable and maybe 200 in Service charges. My post is more than 2.5 years old, so sorry, I don't remember the exact details :-(

You can also see a list of service centers in your city at