Saturday, January 26, 2008

Interesting day at Each One Teach One

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I volunteer time on weekends to some teaching at EOTO center. We held the final exams for our Spoken English batch of students today.

As a part of the exam we asked the students to come prepared with their resume for a job of their choice. We had 2 interview panels who grilled the students just like a normal job interview.

The performance of one of the students just blew our minds away.

She is a first year BSc student and wants to become a teacher. Her English and grammar were not great, but her clarity of thought and passion for teaching really touched our hearts. She had put in lots of thought into what she would want to do as a teacher, how she would do it, what would be the problems that she encounter, everything...

We probed away and could not find a single weakness in her thought process. In fact we were so carried away that the interview went way beyond the time limit of 15 minutes !! If it were up to us, we would have made a job offer to her on the spot.

It is so heartening see kids like these with so much passion for teaching. This is a profession that I have great respect for and I am pretty sure 10 years from now I will be into this full time.

Good luck to you, kid. I sincerely hope you become a teacher, our system sure needs people like you.

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