Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I am back

Happy new year to all. Back in office today after a fantastic vacation, probably the best break that I have had ever. Did not want to come back to office :-(

Now is the time for new year resolutions. Should I resolve not to have any resolutions ? :) Going by the success of previous years, it may not be a bad idea.

I recently read an article by Shobha De in The Week on some tips for happiness in 2008 . You can read the list here : She does make a mention about Ayn Rand in one of the points. Sadly I have so far found it impossible to finish any of Ayn Rand's works , more on that later .

Some of the points listed there are nice , I especially liked the following :
2. Learn to let go
3. Teach yourself to trust
7. Listen with your heart
8. Confide
16. Extend help
23. Embrace life

Well as far as my resolutions go, it is
(a) Read books from authors that I have not read before
(b) Not to get angry over trivial issues
(c) Learn cooking :) and minimize eating junk food
(d) Spend more time with my family

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