Saturday, April 10, 2010

IPL and entertainment

The IPL has been entertaining me on most days. More than the cricket, I have been impressed with the Adidas ads on cricket. Here are all the three, in descending order of my liking. The music score at the end adds that extra punch

The bowler
He can hit the ball for an eight. He can bat till the pitch grows grass. His coach loves him, my coach loves him. He is strong off the front foot, he is strong off the back foot. He is his team’s best batsman

But right now …. He is in my way

The fielder
I can’t sing. I can’t dance. I can’t climb up mountains. I can’t ride a horse. I can’t swim. I can’t cook.

But sometimes …… I can fly

The batsman
Good advice, bad advice, captain’s advice, coach’s advice, stranger’s advice, dressing room advice, barber shop advice.

But my bat … it is Deaf


Anonymous said...

Nice simple and straight forward on the other hand pepsi ads have touched a new low ...this youngistan ka wow is not going into my head

mlnoone said...

first one is my fav too...

Pradeep V said...

I agree with the comment on Pepsi ads, they don't seem to connect with anyone.
Another one that I hate is the Micromax mobile ad which has Akshay Kumar with his moronic laugh.