Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pink !!

“Pink it’s my new obsession
Pink it’s not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover, ‘cause
Pink is the love you discover”

I am not too much of an Aerosmith fan, but unfortunately I am getting destroyed by a pink-wash !!

All happened when I put in my Maroon colored Kurta for washing along with a load of other clothes. I rarely use my Kurta, so this is probable the first time in like 2 years that I am putting it for a wash. As luck would have it , several of the items that I put in were light colored clothes. And several of them were my favorites ….

Heavy discoloration of the Maroon Kurta occurred, all of my light clothes have been dyed in a shade of bright revolting pink :-(( See below for some samples
DSC00197 This shirt was light Green before washing !!

I have pink Handkerchiefs, pink socks, pink underwear, pink T-shirts, pink lungi (!!) and a pink shirt now. I guess I can spin it off as my bit towards cancer awareness. If White House can do it, so can I !!

But realistically, what do I do with these now ???

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Sweetie said...

I tell u man.....

It's so sad to know.. But, I was giggling reading ur post... :)