Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Thoughts

I suppose all of us have had moments in our life when we thought what the whole point of our existence was . What is your calling in life ? Is it to work in a certain company ? Is it to help people ? Is it teaching ? Writing ? I will turn 32 shortly and I still have not figured out what exactly I want to do.

Occasionally comes the moments of despair when everything seems hopeless, followed by moments of peace and harmony when the world seems a perfect place to live in. Is it just me, or is rest of the world also like this ?

One thing you always hear people say is Life is all about choices. Can you really tell which of those choices were really made by you, with no other incidents/persons influencing you ? None, I bet. So does that really mean that I have been just a pawn ever since my birth, with everything programmed to happen in a certain way ? I would like to think otherwise. I am getting into The Matrix territory here :-) , which happens to be a movie that I absolutely hate.

I can tell you one thing life that is absolutely precious. Taking a walk with your 4 year old daughter and just listening to her shooting questions and comments at you non-stop. The world through the eyes of a 4 year old is so refreshing. I know it sounds very cliched , but it is surprisingly true !!

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