Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cooking tip

Came back from office today at 11 pm and made appams. Ate them with the egg curry that I made yesterday. Now if you are wondering where the cooking tip is , here it comes

Turn off the gas burner once you are done making appams .

Rather disastrously, the humble one forgot to do this. Happily I settled in front of my TV with my late dinner. 20 minutes later I strolled back into my kitchen only to be greeted by this incredibly strong aroma of red hot metal. Quick glance at the gas confirmed my worst fear. Thankfully my non stick tawa is not damaged .

This happened nearly an hour back, still there is a strong smell in my kitchen :-)

1 comment:

Ajit said...

You should have tried to put some water on the pan. If it was really hot then the metal would have warped and would have looked awesome. Trust me I have done this before.