Monday, October 27, 2008

Defection of the taste buds

What if my cooking has been such a brutal assault on my taste-buds that they are finally beginning to die ? What if they have given up the ghost, surrendered, sold out to other less 'talented' cooks ?

God knows, my taste-buds are so happy and over the moon when I eat out. I mean it could be any Tom, Dick and Harry place and not a squeak from them, they like it all. The moment I start my cooking the protests start. "Too much chillly", "Too little salt" , "Its ok, but it lacks something" , "not quite there yet" , "if you say that is a curry, then I'll believe it". I don't believe these guys !! To think we were all part of the body called Pradeep, and now they are shameless defectors. Shame on you taste-buds, shame on you !!

Well they say Genius is rarely appreciated in his lifetime. Add one more name to that list .....

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