Friday, March 30, 2012


Actually the story is quite old, just got around to writing my point of view after a few months. Times of India, which is on an aggressive expansion spree, put out this ad ahead of its Chennai Launch.

I thought that it was really subtle and genuinely funny. They do not not directly show The Hindu paper, just visuals of folks going to sleep clutching the paper. ( God knows that has happened to me as well. The Hindu was unreadable when I tried it a few years back, I have not dared to touch it ever since !!) 

The Hindu response was more in the face and basically calling Times of India readers dumb. I did not find it funny, it was just a rude advertisement and tasteless.

I am personally not a big fan of TOI, they have no sense of proportion while printing main stories and focus too much on sensationalism. But in the ad-war, I liked the TOI one better !!

Now which paper do I read ? I prefer Deccan Herald. Less to read and more relevant :-)

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