Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bring on IPL, forget the world cup

Let us just forget about the world cup and cut directly to IPL, shall we ? I mean, I no longer have the patience to watch one full day of cricket.

IPL is a different matter altogether. See the brainless auction / salary system that has been devised. A high quality player like Manish Pandey who has not played for India can only earn a max of Rs.30 lakh , where as someone like Saurabh Tiwary , who has played for India for just 3 ODIs suddenly gets Rs.7.2crores ( USD $1.6 million). I cannot understand why everyone was not put under the auction.

Having said this, the auction was perhaps one of the most entertaining ones that I have witnessed, I hope the IPL itself can surpass that.

Well, at least I hope I can see more innovative ads like this one by Virgin Mobile from last year. Sad that this was never telecast. What has happened to our sense of humor ?

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