Monday, September 14, 2009

Good to be back

Got back today to Bangalore after a two week trip to US with a one day whirlwind trip to Switzerland on the way back. I’m tired of eating fried food and drinking colas, so I celebrated my return with some Spicy chicken tikka and nan :-)

Due to high student traffic to US, I got routed through Paris Airport this time. Paris airport did not disappoint me, very pleasing to the eye, and I don’t just mean architecturally ;-D Lots of places where you can actually stretch out on recliners/couches.

Flew from there to JFK, which was everything Paris was not. Crowded, dirty, annoying announcers screaming on the mike all the time and fairly poor set of directions. This coupled with an apparent lack of Information / help desks ensures that navigating from one terminal to other is not very easy. That is if you can figure out which terminal you landed at in the first place !!

US trip itself was uneventful except for constant struggle with Asthma throughout my trip. I could also chat freely with my friends on the phone without burning a hole in my pocket :)

The other highlight of the trip was a visit to the movie theater after a gap of nearly three years. We watched Final Destination 3D, lots of pretty graphic scenes : that too in crystal clear 3D !! I am done with theaters for another 6 years after this one, a real stinker :(

Switzerland trip was spent mostly in trains in hotels. Couple of glimpses of Switzerland from my train window are below

DSCN0013 DSCN0018 DSCN0032

Interestingly the Swiss hotels are rather ‘economical’ in terms of bathroom space. You can just about fit into the shower stalls and toilets :) I stayed in Hotel Pestalozzi @ Locarno, which did not even have air conditioning the rooms !!

Had my usual share of struggles in all the flights, cramped leg room, fidgety co passengers, awful food and complete lack of sleep :(

But here I am , getting back to blogging after nearly a month !

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