Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hyderabad blues

Just got back to Bangalore after a 2 days business trip in Hyderabad. And I am happy to be back, only when you go away from Bangalore do you realize how awesome the weather here is !! Hyderabad was hot and miserable. And with the same traffic snarls as Bangalore.

What’s with Taj Banjara ? The lake in front of the hotel stinks, I mean proper 5-star rated stink. I wonder how they are running their outdoor restaurants !! No wonder they were offering a 30% discount on food :)

Due to our packed schedule, we did not really get time to taste the Hyderbadi Biriyani. Senior and Daya parceled the biriyani from Paradise and brought it to Bangalore. Apparently it was not good. Hmmm, the taste of hyderbadi biriyani may be just another myth …

And now at Bangalore you have to pay a Rs.260 user development fee !! Outrageous !!!

I am again wandering around sleeplessly, fed up :((

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