Thursday, April 30, 2009


“Of all the things that I’ve lost, I miss my wallet the most” – Pradeep

Well, technically I did not lose it, I just forgot it at home. The bottom-line being that I was left without any cash. So I had to borrow money for breakfast ( Rs.17) , then again for lunch (Rs.100, of which I ate for Rs.60. And , yes, our caterer rips us off !! ).

All this is fine, except for the fact that I had a call till late that night (My theory is that the later the hour of the call, lower the likelihood of something useful happening !!) , which left me very hungry .

Now normally this is not a problem as I can stop by at any of the restaurants nearby and hog. Unfortunately, just as I was about to pull into a restaurant , I was reminded of the bare-bones financial situation sans the wallet. 40 Rs would not even buy me a glass of lime-soda there :-(

Sadly the master chef reversed out of the parking and headed home hungrily, the MasterCard ad inspired verses, swirled in his head

“One liter of juice - 85 Rs
One tandoori chicken – 150Rs
Meal for one at Chilli and Pepper – 600Rs
Carrying your wallet when you are hungry – Priceless”


Ajit said...

WoW. Seems like you have a lot of money in your wallet. In my case even having a wallet with me would not make much of a difference.

Pradeep V said...

Well, I would definitely have more than Rs.40 in my wallet !!