Monday, December 1, 2008


You know, attending the punjabi wedding of the year and writing up all this wedding blog reports tired me out. There is nothing on TV except the follow up on terror. Good time to go out and do some grocery shopping.

So here I am sitting with some lovely Guavas. 


What is the best way to eat them ? Bite straight in ? Chop into 4 quarters and then eat it with sugar ? Or should I eat it with salt-chilly powder combination ? I've also heard that Guava's smeared with jam is yummy.


Hmmm ... So many different options for such a trivial thing. Maybe I should try a different method for each guava and then compare

I guess there is no prize for guessing this is one of my favorite fruits. Do you know one fruit that I hate ? Apple !!

Did I hear you ask why ?
         "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away" :-))
Still can't figure out why ?
         I am married to a doctor :-)

She has been away for higher studies for the past 2.5 years. I must have eaten lots of apples in my previous birth !!

So here is to Guava's , may all the apples in the world rot !!


1 comment:

Sweetie said...


That's cool thing.. Just be sure, that you wont' eat any more apples :)

May be my favourite guavas will do:)