Thursday, May 13, 2010

Learn from nature

A recent visit to the Mysore Zoo triggered some thoughts in my mind. There are indeed a lot of things that we can learn from animals.

For example take the Lion. The male lion does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All it does is sleep the whole day, the female does all the hard work. The male is not even a wage earning member of the family for God’s sake !! Yet, you could say he enjoys his life. No responsibilities, 24x 7 x 365 food and comfort guaranteed.

Male Lion’s life is not too bad eh ? yeah , yeah, i know they look royal and all that stuff. I could grow a mane too, you know :-)

Or the Hornbill, which is the state bird of Kerala. Legend says that it drinks its water directly from the rain drops. Now why do we spend so much time washing our cars ? Leave them out of the covered garages whenever it rains, let nature do the washing for you !!

Extending the same concept to human beings can result in rather objectionable odors, especially if you are in a place like Bangalore where it rarely rains. So let us leave that one alone please …

I am convinced that this is a “natural” path to follow :)


Anonymous said...

so you want to become Lion, may be you should join the famous course, its never too late :-)

Pradeep V said...

No thanks, I fancy myself more as a Lion trainer :-)

You please remember that once a Lion, always a Lion ....